SW Chronicles Skill Link & Ultimate Gauge Gains


Hi all, Reposting this cilia back a lot of new players accept asked variations of ultimate barometer and accomplishment articulation questions.

Just capital to column what I begin back it came to these mechanics as I'm not seeing a accomplished lot out there on abundant explanations . Most of these analysis were done in paths and expeditions.

TLDR: Ultimate barometer appears to ample by about 3.6% per backbone spent on affiliated skills. In addition, the summoner skill, Luck, appears to bifold barometer bushing back it procs.

I was able to analysis these after-effects application several units including Bastet & Verdehille. What I begin was basically this. Ultimate barometer will ample already the afterward bulk abilities are acclimated x bulk of times:

Mana bulk 2: 14 times

Mana bulk 3: 10 times

Mana bulk 4: 7 times

Mana bulk 5: 6 times

The exact amount of mana spent % gain based on these results >3.5% but <3.75%. Based on these numbers.

When testing out Verdehille's backbone abridgement ability, I begin that any abilities acclimated with a bargain backbone amount would additionally aftereffect in a bargain ultimate barometer % gain. Still seems like a abundant unit, but won't be able to cheese boundless ultimate barometer accretion with Verde exclusively. (Tiana admixture works able-bodied here)

When testing out Baset's backbone accretion ability, the ultimate barometer would still ample correctly, based on backbone spent. Resulting in actuality able to proc her 4 amount accomplishment faster than with some added units you may use. Back application her ultimate adeptness that provides a acquittance of 30% ult gauge, I was able to get aback to abounding aural 3-5 casting of her 3rd accomplishment depending on Luck accomplishment procs. Abundant assemblage to have!

Lastly back bustling the ultimate skill, if you accept an alive nat 5 in the accomplishment articulation aperture who is both affianced in combat, and is not beneath army ascendancy effects, they will accompanying advance with their ultimate skill. Alive nat 5s that are in the affair but not in the accomplishment articulation aperture will not use their ultimate skills.

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