POE - ​Idea meme to turn an overturned tornado into a thing


Idea meme to turn an overturned tornado into a thing? Posting back since I'm putting together another build I was thinking of, I originally suggested a 4L tornado setup tied to CwC + FR to deal damage on its own and trigger the CWDT setup. But that's because my mind gets caught up in trying to get the Tainted Pact to work, and the FR's self-damage will be used to ensure that my leech almost 100% of the time when used bottle mod.

So I thought it would be interesting to use the recoil cooker button to create some kind of roomba tornado.

The hard part would be a shame. Since the idea is to use the tornado to suck up all the mobs above my character, I don't want to hit the tornado as it will deal too much damage and kill the junk mods without using reverse knockdown. I think ideally a skill that can explode for me (like electrode blast), or a shotgun skill with cascaded revenge would be the best way to go.

Sorry guy who posted Ngahamu's flame with revenge stunt as soon as I deleted the post, sounds like an interesting concept.

Of I've spilled this tournament so many, all kinds of different flavors.

One of the neatest is a vacuum to pull all mobs in, then a hellish scream + molten shell to blow them all up. It works pretty well but the latency is insane.

Here's how I did it.

There is a mastery skill that gives 5% attack speed to each mob at close range, with it we can hit 100 attacks per second with minimal investment in attack speed.

How we survive pulling a lot of mobs:

For pulling mobs, we have a 4 liter configuration with unusual tornadoes, different recoil, health boost on hit, and brutality (we also use fire avatars), making our tornadoes cause no damage. damage, we want it because we want to blast every mob with a cry of hell for the biggest explosion.

Second, we use arctic armor + ele boost to completely freeze every mob we drag (may imply gauntlets, could be notable clusters, could be rocks) precious). To kill the thing we just need to do a horrifying scream and a molten shell (instant magic is required because if you stop the tornado you will explode into mob dmg).

Lagging now, i'm playing on nvidia geforce with rtx 2080 or 3060 and oh my god it was a power point presentation when i pulled about 300 mobs.

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