​NBA 2K24: A Wishlist for Improvements and New Features


NBA 2K has been a popular basketball video game franchise for years, captivating fans with its realistic gameplay and immersive experiences. As players eagerly await the release of NBA 2K24, there are several areas where the game could be improved to provide an even better gaming experience. This article presents a wishlist of changes and new features that could enhance NBA 2K24.

Rebounding Attribute

One area that could use improvement is the rebounding attribute. Currently, the game separates offensive and defensive rebounding, which doesn't accurately reflect real-life basketball. In reality, a good rebounder can grab the ball regardless of which side of the court they are on. Combining offensive and defensive rebounding into a single attribute category would create a more realistic and balanced gameplay experience.

Player Customization

The ability to create unique player builds is a crucial aspect of NBA 2K. However, players would appreciate more freedom in using different face scans for each build. Currently, players are limited to using the same face scan across multiple builds. Allowing different face scans for each build would add more variety and personalization to the game.

Shooting Mechanics

The shooting mechanics in NBA 2K23 were well-received, with the requirement to time shots accurately for success. Some players prefer this system as it rewards skill and mastery of shooting mechanics. However, others find it frustrating and prefer a simpler system where shots are either green (success) or missed. To cater to both preferences, NBA 2K24 could introduce separate game modes, one with the current timing-based shooting and another with a green-or-miss system. This would allow players to choose the level of competitiveness they desire.

Jump Shot Testing

To improve the shooting experience further, NBA 2K24 could incorporate a jump shot tester in the animation menu. This feature would allow players to instantly test their custom jump shots before committing to them. It would enable players to fine-tune their shooting form and find the most effective jump shot for their playstyle.

Attribute Point Refund System

The current system of spending attribute points to upgrade player builds is quite rigid. In NBA 2K24, it would be beneficial to introduce a refund system where players can reallocate attribute points to different builds, albeit limited to a single reset. This would provide more flexibility for players to experiment with different builds without the fear of wasting resources. While concerns about potential exploits are valid, limiting it to one reset should mitigate any negative impact on the game's economy.

Badge Progression and Functionality

Badge progression is an integral part of player development in NBA 2K. However, the pace of badge progression in NBA 2K23 was criticized for being slow. Increasing the speed of badge progression, particularly for certain badges, would help players feel a sense of achievement and progression more quickly.

Additionally, ensuring that all badges work as intended at the game's release would be highly appreciated. Patch updates can address issues, but having fully functional badges from the start would enhance the overall gameplay experience and avoid frustrating inconsistencies.

Game Versions and Cross-Play

As the next-generation consoles, such as PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, have been readily available for some time, it would be convenient to have a single version of NBA 2K24 that is compatible with both current and next-gen consoles. This would eliminate the need for separate editions and enhance accessibility for all players.

Moreover, introducing cross-play functionality between PlayStation and Xbox consoles would be highly appreciated by the gaming community. Cross-play would foster a more inclusive and interconnected experience, allowing players from both platforms to compete against each other. However, implementing cross-play with PC might pose significant challenges due to the potential for cheating and modding, making it preferable to limit cross-play to consoles.

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