NBA 2K23: The "Five Out" Technique


With NBA 2K23 new features, improved graphics, and better gameplay, the game has attracted a vast player base. One of the most effective ways to score in the game right now is by using the "five out" technique. In this article, we'll dive into what five out is and how to use it to score on NBA 2K23.

What is Five Out in NBA 2K23?

In NBA 2K23, Five Out is a freelance offensive play that involves spreading your players across the court in a way that maximizes spacing. This creates more opportunities for scoring, as there is more room to drive to the basket, create shots, or make passes. Essentially, the Five Out play involves having your two guards at the top of the key and your three forwards/centers spread out across the three-point line. This creates an open driving lane for the ball-handler, which can be used to take it to the basket or kick it out to an open teammate for a three-pointer.

How to Use Five Out in NBA 2K23

To use the Five Out play in NBA 2K23, you first need to pick the best freelance in the game, which is the Bucks 2018. You can find it in every single playbook, so you don't have to worry about which one you have. Once you have selected the freelancer, you need to turn off your adaptive coaching engine under your coach settings. This is important because if you leave it on, it will not call your freelance correctly, and it can mess up a lot of stuff.

Once you have your freelance set up and your coaching engine turned off, you can start using the Five Out play. To call the Five Out play, click right on the D-pad, then click RB, then click A to go to the Bucks 2018. To call the Five Out, click left on the D-pad and click LB. This will set up your spacing, and you are ready to play.

It is important to note that you need to call the Five Out play every single possession, every time you go down the floor if you want to run the Five Out. However, since you already have your freelance set up, you don't need to call it every time.

How to Score with Five Out in NBA 2K23

Now that you have set up your Five Out play, let's look at how to score with it. If you notice that your defender is not good at on-ball defense or that the CPU is not a good defender, you can play iso-ball and take them one on one. This is where the Five Out play shines because you get excellent spacing, and everybody is out of your way. If they play help defense, and somebody drops from the corner, for example, you have a wide-open pass to create more opportunities.

Another great way to score with Five Out is to attack the paint and drive to the basket. If you have a super-fast point guard like Derrick Rose, Donovan Mitchell, or John Morant, it is going to be tough for the defender to stay in front of you. This will force the defense to react, and they will have to send a second defender, leaving you wide open for a three-point shot.

Additionally, you can run pick-and-rolls out of Five Out. This is another effective way to score because it creates even more opportunities for your team. The key to success with Five Out is to be patient and move the ball around until you find the right opportunity to score.  Buy NBA 2K23 MT 3% off coupon: nba2king. NBA2king: Hot Cheap Safe NBA 2K24 MT for sale is on the way!