Must-Have Add-Ons for Path of Exile


Whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned player in Path of Exile (PoE), using the right tools can significantly enhance your gaming experience. From managing loot to optimizing your build, these six essential sites and apps will help you navigate the complexities of Wraeclast more efficiently.


1. FilterBlade: Item Filter


Purpose: Streamlining Loot

The first step after creating a new character in any PoE league is updating your item filter. FilterBlade is the go-to tool for this purpose. Early in the game, picking up almost everything is crucial, but as you progress, your screen can become cluttered with items of little value.


FilterBlade allows you to:

    Customize an item filter to show only valuable gear and currency.

    Hide unwanted items to keep your inventory and stash organized.

    Install easily with accessibility features for better visibility.


2. PoE Trade: Trading Platform


Purpose: Efficient Trading

Path of Exile doesn't have a central trade house, but the official PoE Trade site is a powerful tool for finding exactly what you need. From bulk Chromatic Orbs to perfectly rolled six-link armor, PoE Trade facilitates seamless trading.


PoE Trade features:

    An intuitive interface for searching items.

    Detailed filters to find specific mods and item types.

    Direct trading by connecting buyers with sellers in-game.


3. Path of Building Community: Build Planner


Purpose: Build Optimization

The Path of Building Community app is essential for planning and optimizing your character build. Though it may seem complex initially, mastering this tool can greatly enhance your gameplay.


Path of Building Community allows you to:

    Import your current build and gear.

    Experiment with different setups and skill trees.

    Min-max your build for maximum efficiency and power.


4. Build and Price Guide


Purpose: Market Analysis and Build Inspiration is an invaluable resource for both building inspiration and market trends. It provides comprehensive data on the most popular and effective builds as well as current item prices. offers:

    Detailed statistics on top-performing builds.

    Real-time price checking for currency and items.

    Account linking to compare your build with others.


5. Craft of Exile: Crafting Simulator


Purpose: Gear Optimization

Craft of Exile is a powerful tool for those who want to perfect their gear. It allows you to simulate crafting and see the potential outcomes of different mod combinations.


Craft of Exile features:

    An emulator for crafting and modifying items.

    A comprehensive database of mods and crafting recipes.

    Tools to plan and optimize your gear for endgame content.


6. Grinding.Zone: Comprehensive Resource Hub


Purpose: Additional Tools and Resources

If you need more resources or want to dive deeper into PoE lore and mechanics, Grinding.Zone is your all-in-one solution. It aggregates various tools and links to enhance your PoE experience.


Grinding.Zone includes:

    Links to the official PoE Wiki and other knowledge bases.

    Event and league schedules.

    Cheat sheets and additional resources for advanced gameplay.


These six must-have tools—FilterBlade, PoE Trade, Path of Building Community,, Craft of Exile, and Grinding.Zone—covers all the essential aspects of Path of Exile, from managing loot and trading to optimizing builds and crafting. Incorporating these tools into your gameplay will make your journey through Wraeclast smoother, more efficient, currency, items, and ultimately more enjoyable. Happy hunting!