Mastering Skull and Bones: Pro Tips for Smooth Sailing


Hey guys, and welcome to some tips that are going to level up your Skull and Bones gameplay! Thanks to Ubisoft for providing me with access to this game. I'm not going to give you the obvious tips; instead, I'll dive into some nuances that took me hours to realize. So let's set sail and explore the depths of Skull and Bones.

1. Food and Cooking:

Initially, you might overlook the importance of cooking in a pirate's life. But trust me, it's crucial. Why? Managing your stamina is key to maintaining speed and agility. Cooking various dishes can provide significant boosts to your sailing capabilities. For instance, crafting "godo godo" enhances stamina efficiency and regeneration, along with repair kit efficiency. Grilled foods like bread, coconuts, and fish also restore stamina, keeping you at full speed without sacrificing agility.

2. Customizing Your Item Wheel:

The item wheel is your best friend in hectic situations. Customize it to ensure quick access to essential Skull and Bones items like repair kits, cooked food for stamina boosts, and even fireworks for flair. Prioritize lower-level repair kits during combat for quicker healing. This customization ensures you're always prepared for any challenge.

3. Crafting Essentials:

Save your silver by crafting essential items instead of buying them. The blacksmith and carpenter are your go-to NPCs for crafting cannonballs, repair kits, and more. Gather materials like metal salvage and scavenge wood from looted ships to craft these items. Tracking blueprints helps locate resources needed for crafting, reducing reliance on Skull and Bones Silver on expensive purchases.

4. Expedited Ship Access:

Efficiency is key, even when accessing your ship. Holding the designated key (like 'Z' on PC) allows you to manage your ship's cargo from any location, saving time and effort. Additionally, pressing 'C' teleports you directly to the helm of your ship from the den, streamlining the transition between land and sea.

5. Resource Management:

Knowing where to find specific resources is vital for crafting and upgrading. Utilize the Codex's knowledge tab to track down materials needed for various items, from weapons to ship components. Tracking resources ensures efficient plundering and trading along established supply routes.

By mastering these tips, you'll navigate the waters of Skull and Bones with finesse, dominating every encounter and amassing wealth without breaking a sweat. So hoist the sails, sharpen your cutlass, and embark on a journey filled with adventure and plunder!

Remember, the pirate's life is all about seizing opportunities, and with these tips, you're poised to become the ultimate captain of the high seas. Fair winds and following seas, mateys!