Many questions as a new Diablo player


I accept abounding questions as a new Diablo player:

Q1. Is it declared to feel like I’m overpowered? I’m arena Necro and I’m on the 2nd apple bank and I’m annihilation enemies absolutely calmly and haven’t gotten abutting to afterlife except maybe a brace times. Is it account of the class, or is it account it’s aboriginal game, or because it’s the beta?

Q2. I aloof ability lvl 20, how do I get the wolf pup backpack?

Q3. I’m not acceptable at authoritative builds in this blazon of bold so could I get a little bit of acumen if I did annihilation amiss aback acrimonious my perks? Basal Skills: Hemorrhage Core Skills: Blight Cadaverous Skills: Body Explosion, Cartilage Bastille Curse Skills: Decrepify

Q4. Will annihilation I’ve done in the beta get transferred over to the capital bold aback it releases?

I use Hemorrhage account if the claret orbs. Blight account it’s a abiding AoE and can beforehand added things while it’s accomplishing it’s affair and additionally accord access accident to minions to those enemies.

Corpse Access seemed a little op, abnormally aback I aboriginal got its account every adversary alone a body and afresh application it would annihilate several enemies and accomplish alike added corpses for CE.

Bone Bastille account it was advantageous to allurement enemies (especially bosses/Elite) and use Blight and afresh my minions would do alike added accident while it couldn’t go anywhere. Decrepify account it’s aloof a absolutely acceptable debuff overall.

Is there annihilation I could accept best instead that would be bigger and accomplish bigger combos?

Sorry if this is a lot to acknowledgment and acknowledge you in beforehand for answering my questions. By the way, Diablo IV release date is  June.6.2023... have prepared the best Diablo 4 gold service for you, you can go here: