​Madden NFL 24: 10 Best Defensive Linemen, Ranked


Defensive linemen don't get the measurements that linebackers get yet the best of them in Madden NFL 24 are responsible for aiding the entire protection.

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The significance of a defensive lineman is just lost on relaxed fans that look at insights. Since defensive handles and finishes assume the center of the hostile line, they frequently assimilate twofold inclusion against the best hostile linemen in Madden NFL 24.

A genius defensive lineman may not get heaps of sacks or handles yet they request the complete focus of the protection, freeing up linebackers to get after quarterbacks. The best of the best figure out how to battle through the chances and stack up bumbles and sacks fine and dandy in Madden NFL 24.

Jonathan Allen - DT - 92 OVR

With two sequential Genius Bowls in two years, Jonathan Allen stood apart as a splendid spot in Washington. For every one of the issues the Leaders have a quarterback, they have one of the most mind-blowing wideouts and perhaps of the best defensive tackle in the game.

As well as getting the standard sacks, Allen added capture attempts and constrained mishandles to his game this previous season. With a greater eye for turnovers, Washington will get additional turns on offense should Allen keep up this degree of play.

Quinnen Williams - DT - 93 OVR

Quinnen Williams set career highs in handles and sacks last year and that procured him a Master Bowl gesture. Williams was so in front of his improvement that the Planes, fairly rapidly after a rebuild, concluded they needed to get a kick off on a Super Bowl window.

This certainty could appear to be premature yet players like Williams caused the group to have faith in themselves. To such an extent that the mentors pursued a few hard decisions to get into a success now mode. In the event that the rest of the group plays as well as Williams, New York could really be demonstrated correct in this decision.

Cameron Heyward - RE - 93 OVR

Going to the last six straight Star Bowls, Cameron Heyward is a power for the Steelers. This is a group well known for bringing pressure from T.J. Watt yet Heyward's strength permits Watt to get better matchups. Managing Heyward is quite often a two-man work.

Pittsburgh is having somewhat of an emergency on offense which is a disgrace in light of the fact that the guard, drove by stars like Heyward, merits better. In the event that the group gets a total list in all out attack mode side of the ball, this guard is ready for a profound season finisher run.

Von Miller - RE - 94 OVR

Regardless of not playing a total season beginning around 2018, Von Miller is as yet quite possibly of the best defensive player in the association. He has two Super Bowl titles and an incredible eight Ace Bowl sections that make for an already unbelievable career.

However, assuming that he has another great year in him, Miller and the Bills could undoubtedly have one of the most amazing safeguards ever. With two of the best safeguards in the game, Bison is prepared to come out on top for a title on the off chance that they simply get some amazing good fortune with solid players.

Dexter Lawrence II - DT - 94 OVR

2022 was the principal Master Bowl year for Dexter Lawrence II and Monsters fans are expecting more to come. The breakout year saw Lawrence partake in many game-changing minutes that resulted in wins for the crew. Playing grip on protection helped lead New York to a rare season finisher appearance.

With the youthful Lawrence posting career numbers one season back, it wouldn't take a lot of progress for Lawrence to be the best defensive tackle in the association. When Madden NFL 24 was reported, it would be not difficult to see the fanbase playing through the season and seizing a title with Lawrence quieting down any runs down the center.

Chris Jones - DT - 96 OVR

Double cross Super Bowl champion Chris Jones simply tied his career high for sacks last season. As the most noteworthy appraised defensive tackle in the game, it's terrifying to imagine that this player, who has been to every one of the last four Master Bowls, is still thriving.

While reducing the rundown of cover competitors, sooner or later Jones needs to spring up as a likely up-and-comer. No other individual is going what he does at this position. Defensive handles require unreal strength and Jones ceaselessly demonstrates how him can be more grounded than any rivalry.

Micah Parsons - RE - 98 OVR

Micah Parsons has been in the association for quite some time and has been out and out electrifying. He was the Defensive Thelatest phenom in 2021 and beat this grand norm in 2022, prompting Star Bowl gestures in the two years.

As Madden examines skirting a year, the association needs to trust that Parsons has an off-year soon. Groups are aggressively summoning plays from Parsons, making him responsible for erasing up to half of the field. He's a distinct advantage for the Cowpokes.

Nick Bosa - RE - 98 OVR

Last year's Defensive Player of the Year grant champ, Nick Bosa drove the association with a stunning 18.5 sacks. The year before that one, he drove the association in handles for misfortune. Considering these are the significant measurements for defensive linemen, any reasonable person would agree a 98 or higher is totally fair for Bosa.

San Francisco came barely shy of reaching the Super Bowl last year for certain awful wounds at quarterback. 49ers fans are expecting one more enormous year from Bosa and some great wellbeing at quarterback; in the event that they get both of those, this group is a title number one.

Myles Garrett - RE - 98 OVR

In every one of the last two seasons, Myles Garrett has gotten 16 sacks. That is a preposterous number for a defensive end. Past sacks, Garrett set another career high in handles in transit to his fourth Master Bowl determination. He's the defensive robust in Cleveland.

The group has perhaps of the best wide receiver in football and Garrett on safeguard who could without much of a stretch be a 99 OVR before the year is up. With some nice quarterback play, the Browns could be Super Bowl bound finally.

Aaron Donald - RE - 99 OVR

Aaron Donald had a down year in 2022, just playing 11 of the 17 games. In any case, when gamers were predicting the OVRs of the best players, everyone realized Donald would in any case be evaluated at a 99. The three-time Defensive Player of the Year is already in the discussion of the best defensive player ever.

Donald actually scored 5 sacks in 11 games which would be great for a linebacker. For a defensive end, however, it shows that Donald is as yet doing what most linemen can merely fantasize about. He's not dialing back rapidly and that ought to startle the rest of the association.

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