​Madden 24 Actually Hasn't Fixed Two Gigantic Bugs


Madden has a bug issue, and regardless of a fix that tended to a few security issues in late August and one more that released on September first, there's still a ton amiss with EA's football sim - and some of it originates from last year's release.

The most concerning issues appear to be found in Establishment mode, which has been something of a sensitive area among the Madden loyal. Establishment has long falled behind comparable modes in different games sims.

Right now, Madden fans are most vocal about Establishment's draft class bug. This bug just appears to influence players bringing in or downloading draft classes. Conventional draft classes don't have this issue, however it appears to influence each imported or downloaded draft class after a specific point.

What occurs? Indeed, it's maybe best made sense of by client ChuckysRatHole, who detailed that the build slider doesn't appear to influence the draft class or any created players on the EA support page, and that assuming you progress far sufficient in Establishment mode, the bug influences the whole team.

"Assuming you go far sufficient in Establishment mode, Every one of the PLAYERS LOOK Precisely Similar. A 314 lb lineman seems to be a 240lb linebacker or 200lbs [sic] Running Back. There is no distinction other than the level of each player," they compose.

ChuckysRatHole made their post on the EA support page fourteen days prior, however clients on both the EA support page and Reddit are announcing that the bug continues after the fix EA Tiburon released on the 24th, and the latest title update, which was released on September first.

Reddit client tomahawksport communicated his displeasure in a thread named "Bringing in/Downloading Draft Class Bug" soon after the fix released on August 24th.

"It's unbelievably collapsing that I've gone through the keep going week beginning on draft classes (I'm anticipating/wanting to make 2024-2029) and basically everything done on everything in the "Alter Appearance" area gets deleted (aside from perhaps levels and loads) and every one of the players seem to be stick figures," he composed.

"You fundamentally need to alter this stuff each and every time you transfer a draft class record locally or even download it into your establishment and we should be straightforward no one will believe should do that," he proceeded. "This is really game-breaking for somebody, for example, myself who essentially plays establishment [sic]."

Different players have affirmed that the main fix is by all accounts altering each player's appearance physically - a tedious encounter given how enormous a solitary draft class can be.

"I tried this in a web-based league and had the option to return the thin nonexclusive edge once again to seeming to be a 6'4, 300 pound left watch. This is horrendous that this is the main arrangement on the grounds that until its [sic] fixed establishment players/administrators will have a ton of additional hours devoted to re-altering players assuming they believe they should look exact, however it is an impermanent arrangement (or one for the following 3 months knowing EA), one more player wrote in a thread named "potential imported draft class player model bug fix."

EA Tiburon knows about the bug, as indicated by the fix notes from the fix released on September first, and is "focusing on fixes. [They] will give an update through answers HQ when we have a course of events." Up until this point, in any case, the engineer hasn't shared particulars.

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