Elden Ring with Whips: A Unique Challenge Run


Elden Ring, the highly anticipated action RPG, has captivated gamers worldwide with its challenging bosses and intricate gameplay mechanics. While many players opt for conventional weapons like swords and axes, some brave souls take on unique challenges to spice up their gaming experience. In this article, we delve into the thrilling journey of a player who decided to conquer the Elden Ring armed only with whips.

Day One: The Whip Mommy Chronicles

Our intrepid adventurer starts the journey by choosing an unconventional weapon – whips. The initial encounters showcase the quirky commentary and reactions of the players as they face off against early bosses with a mere 10 damage per whip strike. The humorous commentary adds a layer of entertainment to the challenge, creating a lighthearted atmosphere amidst the intense battles.

Comparing Whips to the Torch:

One intriguing question arises early on: are whips superior to the torch, a weapon known for its unique playstyle in Elden Ring? The player expresses their preference for torches, emphasizing their fondness for the fiery weapon. This comparison sets the stage for an ongoing evaluation of the whip's effectiveness throughout the challenge run.

Encountering General Radan:

As the player progresses, they face General Radan, a formidable foe. The challenge intensifies as the whip-wielding adventurer engages in a tense battle. Despite the player's doubts about the efficiency of whips, they manage to overcome General Radan, showcasing the adaptability and skill required for this unique playthrough.

Day Two: Fire Giants and Unexpected Glitches

Armed with determination, the player powers up their whip and faces the fire giant. However, an unexpected glitch occurs, leading to a humorous realization – the player accidentally hit right on the d-pad, causing a momentary weapon disappearance. This unintended twist adds a comedic element to the challenge, highlighting the unpredictability of gaming experiences.

Fighting the Fire Giant:

The player perseveres through the glitch and confronts the fire giant, expecting the bleed effect to be a game-changer. Unfortunately, the bleed effect doesn't live up to expectations, leading to a moment of frustration. Despite the setback, the player remains undeterred, showcasing resilience in the face of unexpected challenges.

Day Three: Malika's Reckoning

The challenge progresses to facing Malika, a formidable opponent. The player reflects on the damage dealt by the whip compared to the torch, providing insights into the nuances of weapon selection in Elden Ring. The battle with Malika unfolds with a twist, as the player faces a near-death experience, emphasizing the unpredictable nature of boss encounters.

Day Four: Conquering Radigan and the Elden Beast

The final day arrives, heralding the climax of the whip-only challenge run. The player confronts Radigan and the Elden Beast with determination and skill. The narrative builds to a crescendo as the adventurer tackles these formidable foes, showcasing the culmination of their journey.


The whip-only challenge run in Elden Ring offers a unique perspective on the game's difficulty and the adaptability of players. The entertaining commentary, unexpected glitches, and triumphant victories create a memorable gaming experience. As the player triumphs over the Elden Lord and claims the Elden Ring, the article concludes, leaving readers eager to explore other unconventional challenges in the vast world of the Elden Ring.

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