Elden Ring: Perfume Bottle best build


Creating an overpowered build in Elden Ring that utilizes the Perfume Bottle for one-shotting bosses is an interesting challenge. The Perfume Bottle can be used to craft powerful consumables, but for the purpose of an overpowered build, we will focus on enhancing its utility in combination with other potent weapons, spells, and stats.


Key Components of the Overpowered Perfume Bottle Build


1. Weapons and Gear

    Perfumer's Shield: This shield not only looks cool but also boosts the efficacy of your perfume-based attacks.

    Perfumer's Talisman: Increases the effectiveness of perfumes, making your concoctions hit harder.

    Sacred Seal: To cast powerful incantations that complement your perfume attacks.

    High-Damage Weapons: Ideally, a weapon that scales well with your primary offensive stats (Dexterity/Intelligence/Faith) and has a high crit rate.


2. Perfume Recipes

    Uplifting Aromatic: Grants a temporary boost to attack power.

    Bloodboil Aromatic: Greatly boosts physical attack power but lowers defense.

    Poison Spraymist: Creates a poison mist that deals damage over time.


3. Stats and Attributes

    Dexterity: High dexterity for faster weapon attacks and better scaling with dex-based weapons.

    Intelligence or Faith: Depending on whether you're using sorceries or incantations to complement your perfume attacks.

    Arcane: To increase item discovery and scaling of certain weapons/spells.

    Endurance: To ensure you can dodge and attack continuously without running out of stamina.

    Vigor: To increase your health pool for better survivability.


4. Spells and Incantations

    Golden Vow: Increases attack and defense for a certain period.

    Flame, Grant Me Strength: Boosts physical and fire-affinity attack power.

    Rotten Breath: Deals massive damage over time with Scarlet Rot.


Strategy and Execution



        Before heading into battle, ensure you have your perfumes crafted and ready.

        Cast Golden Vow and Flame, and Grant Me Strength to boost your overall attack power.

        Equip the Perfumer's Talisman and Perfumer's Shield for maximum perfume effectiveness.



        Start the encounter by using Bloodboil Aromatic for a significant attack boost, ensuring you don't get hit as your defense is lowered.

        Use Poison Spraymist to create a damaging area that continuously hurts the boss.

        Engage in close combat with your high-damage weapon, taking advantage of your boosted attack stats.

        Use Rotten Breath to apply Scarlet Rot, dealing significant damage over time.


    One-Shot Technique:

        To achieve a one-shot, combine the above buffs and debuffs meticulously.

        Approach the boss with Bloodboil Aromatic and Golden Vow active.

        Use a charged heavy attack from your weapon to exploit critical hit opportunities, especially if the boss has been staggered.

        If the boss survives, follow up immediately with Rotten Breath and additional attacks.


Example Build Setup



    Right Hand: Moonveil Katana (for high dex/int scaling and powerful Ashes of War)

    Left Hand: Perfumer's Shield



    Light to medium armor for mobility (focus on pieces that boost dexterity or spell casting).



    Perfumer's Talisman

    Radagon's Scarseal (increases dex, strength, vigor, and endurance at the cost of damage taken)

    Godfrey Icon (boosts charged spells and skills)

    Ritual Sword Talisman (increases attack power when HP is full)



    Bloodboil Aromatic

    Uplifting Aromatic

    Poison Spraymist



    Golden Vow

    Flame, Grant Me Strength

    Rotten Breath


By meticulously combining these elements, you can create a build that leverages the Perfume Bottle's unique capabilities to one-shot bosses or deal significant damage quickly. Adjust the specifics and use Elden Ring Runes to better suit your playstyle and the particular challenges of Elden Ring's diverse boss encounters.