Elden Ring: How to get Sword Of Light in Shadow Of The Erdtree


In Elden Ring, not only a variety of Elden Ring Runes are provided, but also powerful weapons to enhance the player experience. The Sword of Light is a powerful new weapon introduced in the Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. Here's a detailed guide on how to obtain it:


1. Reach the Jagged Peak Region


    Location: You must first progress through the main DLC content until you reach the Jagged Peak region. This area becomes accessible after completing the Dragon's Pit dungeon.


2. Defeat the Jagged Peak Drake


    Boss Fight: One of the first major challenges in this region is defeating the Jagged Peak Drake. This dragon boss is found shortly after reaching the Foot of the Jagged Peak.

    Rewards: Defeating this boss grants you access to further areas and provides valuable items.


3. Locate the Ancient Ruins


    Exploration: After defeating the Jagged Peak Drake, head further into the Jagged Peak region to find a set of ancient ruins. These ruins are heavily guarded by draconic enemies.

    Enemies: Clear out the enemies, including smaller dragons and drake knights, to safely explore the area.


4. Solve the Light Puzzle


    Puzzle: Inside the ruins, you will encounter a puzzle that involves aligning mirrors or light beams to unlock a hidden chamber. This puzzle requires precise positioning of the mirrors to direct light beams onto specific glyphs on the walls.

    Tip: Pay close attention to the environmental cues and the positioning of mirrors. You may need to rotate them to correctly reflect the light.


5. Enter the Hidden Chamber


    Access: Successfully solving the light puzzle will unlock a hidden chamber beneath the ruins. Enter this chamber to find the Sword of Light resting on an altar.

    Warning: Be prepared for a mini-boss fight or a guardian protecting the sword. This could be a draconic knight or a spectral warrior.


6. Claim the Sword of Light


    Interaction: Approach the altar and interact with it to claim the Sword of Light. The sword will automatically be added to your inventory.

    Stats and Abilities: The Sword of Light boasts high damage and unique abilities that scale with both Faith and Strength, making it a versatile weapon for various builds.




The Sword of Light in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree is obtained by progressing through the Jagged Peak region, defeating a drake, solving a light puzzle in ancient ruins, and overcoming a guardian in a hidden chamber. This weapon is known for its powerful attacks and special abilities, making it a prized possession for any player.