Elden Ring: Braided Arm Wraps and Their Place in the Game


Elden Ring, the acclaimed action RPG developed by FromSoftware, continues to expand its vast world with the release of the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. Among the new content introduced in this expansion are various Elden Ring Items, including the highly sought-after Braided Arm Wraps. This piece of light armor has quickly become a favorite among players for both its aesthetic appeal and practical benefits.

Obtaining the Braided Arm Wraps


To acquire the Braided Arm Wraps, players must embark on the Hornsent Questline. This journey is not for the faint of heart, as it requires defeating Hornsent, a formidable foe found in one of three challenging locations:


    Shadow Keep: A dark and treacherous fortress filled with powerful enemies and intricate traps.

    The Ancient Ruins of Rauh: A mysterious and ancient site, echoing with the remnants of a lost civilization and guarded by relentless adversaries.

    Enir-Ilim: A desolate and haunting landscape, where danger lurks around every corner.


Defeating Hornsent in any of these locations will reward players with the coveted Braided Arm Wraps, a crucial piece of the Hornsent Set.


The Hornsent Set


The Braided Arm Wraps are part of the Hornsent Set, which includes:


    Caterpillar Mask: A unique headpiece that offers substantial protection and a distinctive look.

    Braided Cord Robe: A light yet durable robe that complements the arm wraps perfectly.

    Soiled Loincloth: While not as glamorous as other pieces, it completes the set and provides additional bonuses.


Equipping the entire Hornsent Set grants players enhanced defensive capabilities and boosts various stats, making it a valuable addition to any adventurer's arsenal.


Successfully navigating the Hornsent Questline and obtaining the Braided Arm Wraps requires careful planning and strategy. Here are some tips to help players on their quest:


    Preparation is Key: Before embarking on the quest, ensure that your character is well-equipped with the best available weapons, armor, and consumables. Stock up on healing items and status effect cures to increase your chances of survival.

    Study Your Enemy: Hornsent is a formidable opponent with a range of attacks and abilities. Take the time to learn his patterns and weaknesses. This knowledge will be invaluable during the battle.

    Leverage Elden Ring Items: Use items strategically to gain an edge in combat. Firebombs, poison knives, and other offensive items can help chip away at Hornsent's health from a distance, while defensive items like shields and buffs can protect you from his devastating attacks.

    Utilize Runes Wisely: Spend Elden Ring Runes to upgrade your character and equipment before facing Hornsent. This investment will pay off by making you more resilient and increasing your damage output.

    Explore Thoroughly: Each of the three locations—Shadow Keep, the Ancient Ruins of Rauh, and Enir-Ilim—is rich with hidden treasures and lore. Exploring these areas thoroughly can yield valuable Elden Ring Items that will aid you in your quest.




The Braided Arm Wraps, as part of the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC for Elden Ring, exemplify the depth and richness of the game's world. Obtaining this piece of armor through the Hornsent Questline is a challenging yet rewarding endeavor that showcases the importance of strategy, preparation, and mastery of Elden Ring Runes and Items. For players seeking to enhance their experience and build a formidable character, the Braided Arm Wraps and the entire Hornsent Set are indispensable additions to their collection. As you continue to explore the vast and perilous world of Elden Ring, remember that each item and rune you gather brings you one step closer to becoming the ultimate Tarnished warrior.