EA Sports FC 24: A Deep Dive into Dribbling Innovations


Today, we're diving into the exciting world of EA Sports FC 24, focusing on three game-changing features related to dribbling. These new mechanics are set to revolutionize the way you play, making your gameplay smoother and more dynamic. So, buckle up as we explore the world of Effort Dribble Touch, Orbit Dribble, and Controlled Sprint.

Effort Dribble Touch: A Game-Changer in Dribbling

Let's kick things off with Numero Uno – Effort Dribble Touch. This innovative mechanic allows you to quickly move the ball in any direction and set up your next move. It's a fantastic tool for both evading your opponent's tackles and catching them off guard with a controlled first touch.

To execute this new dribbling technique, you'll need to press R1 (or RB for Xbox users) and simultaneously move the right stick in the desired direction. A crucial tip here is that the longer you hold the right stick, the further the ball will travel from your player's feet.

There are two ways to employ this technique effectively:

   • Controlled First Touch vs. Defender: This move works best when you're receiving a pass and have space to exploit on either side of the defender. Execute the Effort Dribble Touch to create separation from the defender and enter the open space. If your player boasts exceptional dribbling skills, your opponent will have a hard time catching up.

   • Effort Dribble Touch While in Possession: If your player already has control of the ball and you want to use this dribbling technique, wait until the last moment and then press R1 while moving the right stick at a minimum angle of 45 degrees. Timing is crucial here, and when done perfectly, it will leave your opponent bewildered as you glide past them, setting up a one-on-one showdown with the goalkeeper.

Orbit Dribble: A Unique Way to Control the Ball

Next on our list is the Orbit Dribble. EA Sports claims it's a tool for adjusting your body position and positioning yourself for a killer shot or pass. However, from my testing, I can tell you it's not as effective for those purposes as it may seem.

To perform the Orbit Dribble, you'll need to hold L2 (LT for Xbox users) and L1 (LB for Xbox users) while using the left stick to move around the ball. It's essential to note that this feature can be toggled on or off in the settings menu.

However, the true strength of the Orbit Dribble lies in its ability to outmaneuver your opponent when combined with the Effort Dribble. Here's how it works:

   • Lure in the Defender: Start with the Orbit Dribble to draw your opponent in. Use your body movement to fake them out and create an opening.

   • Effort Dribble Knock-On: At the right moment, execute the Effort Dribble to knock the ball past the defender and leave them trailing. With a skilled player, this combination becomes a devastating weapon.

Controlled Sprint: The Perfect Balance

Last but not least, we have the Controlled Sprint, introducing a new dribbling speed that's faster than a jog but slower than a full sprint. It allows for more controlled touches, keeping the ball close to your player.

To unleash this new dribbling technique, simply hold R1 (or RB) and use the left stick to move. Keep in mind that your player's dribble and sprint speed attributes will influence your ball control and speed.

What makes the Controlled Sprint fascinating is its similarity to how wingers cut inside. They move swiftly toward the defender but with small, precise touches. So far, it has proven highly effective in offline play, but its true potential in online matches is yet to be determined.


In conclusion, EA Sports FC 24 is bringing a wave of innovation to the world of dribbling in football video games. The Effort Dribble Touch, Orbit Dribble, and Controlled Sprint are set to change the way you play, offering new opportunities for creative and effective dribbling. As we acquire better players with superior dribbling attributes, these techniques are bound to become even more potent.

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