EA FC 24: How to Get Prime Gaming Rewards


For avid EA FC 24 players, Prime Gaming rewards offer a fantastic opportunity to score free items in Ultimate Team. This program, courtesy of Amazon's Prime Gaming subscription, extends numerous freebies to members, including exclusive EA FC 24 rewards. If you are already a Prime Gaming subscriber and enjoy playing Ultimate Team, here's how you can maximize your gaming experience with these rewards.


What Are Prime Gaming Rewards?


Prime Gaming rewards are exclusive perks available to Amazon Prime subscribers. These perks include in-game content, free games, and more across various titles, including EA FC 24. For FIFA 24 Coins and FIFA 24 Player enthusiasts, these rewards can provide valuable items to enhance your Ultimate Team.


How to Access Prime Gaming Rewards in EA FC 24


To access Prime Gaming rewards for EA FC 24, follow these steps:


    Visit the Prime Gaming Website:

    Navigate to the Prime Gaming website. You can do this via a web browser on your computer or mobile device.


    Find the EA FC 24 Offer:

    Scroll through the available offers or use the search bar to locate EA FC 24. This will bring up the specific rewards available for the game.


    Open the Offer Page:

    Click on the EA FC 24 offer to see detailed information about the rewards included in the current pack.


    Get In-Game Content:

    Click the "Get In-game content" button. This will initiate the process of linking your accounts to ensure you receive your rewards.


    Link Your EA Sports Account:

    You will need to link your EA Sports account with your Prime Gaming account. Follow the automated instructions, which typically involve logging into your EA Sports account and confirming the link.


    Redeem Your Rewards:

    Once your accounts are linked, the rewards will be delivered to your EA FC 24 Ultimate Team. If you play on multiple platforms, the rewards will be sent to the platform where you login first after completing the redemption process.


Current and Upcoming Prime Gaming Rewards


As of now, no new Prime Gaming pack is available for EA FC 24. The last available content was Prime Gaming Pack #9, which expired on June 30, 2024. However, a fresh set of rewards is anticipated soon and could include highly sought-after items. Typically, these packs offer player picks, loan items of Icons/Heroes, and sometimes special items like Path to Glory or Make Your Mark.


Tips for Maximizing Your Prime Gaming Rewards


To make the most out of your Prime Gaming rewards in EA FC 24, keep these tips in mind:


    Stay Updated:

    Regularly check the Prime Gaming website or the EA FC 24 news section for announcements on new packs and rewards.


    Link Accounts Early:

    Ensure your EA Sports and Prime Gaming accounts are linked well in advance to avoid any delays in receiving rewards.


    Utilize Rewards Strategically:

    Use the player picks and loan items to strengthen weak areas in your Ultimate Team or to try out new strategies without long-term commitments.


    Plan for New Releases:

    With new rewards expected soon, plan how you might integrate potential new players or items into your existing team setup.


Community Reactions and Expectations


The Prime Gaming rewards program has been well-received by the EA FC 24 community. Players appreciate the added value these packs bring, especially the chance to obtain high-quality players and items for free. The anticipation for each new pack keeps the community engaged and looking forward to enhancing their Ultimate Teams.




Prime Gaming rewards are a valuable addition to the EA FC 24 experience, offering players the chance to obtain exclusive items without extra cost. By following the steps to link your accounts and redeem rewards, you can make significant improvements to your Ultimate Team. Keep an eye out for new packs and enjoy the enhanced gaming experience these rewards bring. Whether you're looking for FIFA 24 Coins or a standout FC 24 players, Prime Gaming rewards provide the perfect boost to your EA FC 24 journey.