​Discover New Fun and Loads of Rewards in Old School RuneScape


Old School RuneScape is all in on the holiday soul, with the beginning of the 2023 Christmas occasion and need-to-realize info on Leagues, and presents during the holiday time frame.

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The occasion began yesterday, and you can bask in the already-decorated view. Head over to Lumbridge to chase after the troublemaking Jack Frost and assist with keeping him in line. After all, Santa has sent him to Gielinor to keep him occupied and far removed. However, Jack has a new plan for winter sports on a merry and celebratory level.

Keep him occupied, try out the new occasions, and earn yourself a few new and returning rewards. Features include Jack Frost's Sliding Challenge Mode, where you can slide as fast as you can against the clock.

FashionScape is also part of the celebrations, with the Cold Jumper and Snowglobe Head protector available to all. You can also open past rewards for an alternate merry look.

In addition to new rewards, there are also Christmas achievements on the line. These achievements are simply part of the occasion and exclusively for fun so you don't have to stress over getting them all for any relevance towards Leagues or achievement diaries or anything. The OSRS team is keeping them hush for the time being for the fun of discovery.

The occasions will last for some time and the PVP rota will begin January tenth, so over the Christmas period, all universes will remain open in all districts and the PVP Arena will involve Zerkerloadouts in ranked duels and tournaments starting today.

Not just that, Old School Runescape was rebuilt as a tough souls-like RPG, the striking style is the basis for a new, experimental soulslike RPG, available to play right now free of charge.

Old School Runescape has perhaps of the most recognizable and instantly nostalgic visual style in all of gaming. Those thick polygons, smooth surfaces, and frame-by-frame animations murmur of a less difficult, more whimsical time while PC gaming meant dial-up internet and homemade libation gatherings. Presently, one visionary independent game-maker has adapted the classic look of Runescape into an experimental, new, first-individual RPG. Old School Runescape keeps the soul of the darling RPG game alive and kicking, a superb homage to the earlier days of the Jagex classic, and the ideal source for some serious nostalgia.

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