​Diablo 4: The Heretic Quest Chain Guide


Here's a full walkthrough of the Heretic Quest chain in Diablo 4.

The main storyline of Diablo 4 is compelling all alone, however the wide variety of side quests keeps players coming back. Some of the quests are purely original, while others are references to famous movies, books, or other popular media.

The storyline borrows inspiration from several famous shocking tales, Carrie, The Exorcist, and Firestarter, however has some of its own extraordinary twists and turns. The Heretic quest chain is a healthy blend of both, however regardless of whether a player perceive the mainstream society references, it's still an exciting blood-curdling quest through some of Diablo 4's most inhospitable zones.

The Heretic Quest Chain

The whole quest starts with a character named Vass, who is waiting in the city of Zarbinzet with a gathering of similar neighbors. There are no prerequisites to begin this quest other than exploring this far south, and it is available to each class.

The city is located on the western side of the zone of Hawezar. The whole quest chain leads to other areas to the east, such as the Forsaken Coast and the seaside town of Blackwater.


The zone of Hawezar is straightforwardly south of Fractured Peaks however is just accessible through a narrow passage from the Dobrev Taiga. Players can also travel from the western area of the Scouring Sands, which is in the far eastern part of Kehjistan.

Zarbinzet. The biggest city in the zone, this is where the player can find a waypoint, a stash, a wardrobe, and a variety of vendors.

The Umir Plateau. Most of the action takes place in this area, the countryside that surrounds Zarbinzet.

Gulya's Hovel. Located on the far western boundary of the Forsaken Coast, the player returns here to finish the last couple of quests. Gulya is one of the recurring NPCs in

the game, so players could already be familiar with this location.

Forsaken Coast. The player should travel further east into this area for later parts of the quest chain. This is where players can find the Rustwash and the Hidden Glade dungeon.

The Heretic

Players can find Vass and talk to him as soon as they reach Zarbinzet. He's standing in the street on the southern side of town, ranting about the latest evil spirit attack, and he wants someone to investigate.

The Abandoned Ruins

Accept the quest to look at the Abandoned Ruins, the location of the latest devil attack. There are two locations to the immediate east of the city in the Umir Plateau.

The Abandoned Ruins are loaded up with ashen husks and demons. As the player goes about killing bad guys, they find a Terrified Young lady.

She runs away, and following her leads to the subsequent stage in the quest.

The young lady introduces herself as Aneta, and she wants to assist with finding some special flowers for her mother.

The Flowers

There are three unique flowers to be found, and they are all in the local vicinity, which is stifled with demons, bandits, and hostile natural life.

Aneta will point out the Withered Plant, Dying Plant, and Singed Plant while exploring the wilderness. They're all slightly northeast of Zarbinzet.

Get back to the city and Aneta's mother. Their house is in the northernmost part of town.

The Forgotten Cave

Follow Aneta after she is driven from her house by her mother and the angry townsfolk.

She's close to a cave just to the southeast of town in the Umir Plateau.

Enter the cave with Aneta close by. After killing a wave of demons, the townsfolk appear to face her as well.

Aneta explodes in flames, reducing a couple of the townspeople to ash, as the player fights another wave of demons.

It's revealed that Aneta is the cause of late events, however not because of possession or evil spirit worship, and the cause remains a mystery.

A Price to Pay

This is just part of the way through the quest chain. To continue, return to Aneta's house in Zarbinzet and speak with her mother, Vera. The mean old lady has nothing new or surprising to say, yet the player hears a whisper at the entryway and is drawn outside.

Suzana was the voice the player hears, and she's sympathetic to Aneta's situation. She asks the player to find an old book of folks' remedies hidden somewhere in the area.

The book is called Wejinhani Dispensatory, and it very well may be tracked down in the same building as the armor and weapon merchants.

The book directs the player to the Blind Barrows, a dungeon in the Fethis Wetlands, almost due east of the Umir Plateau.

The Blind Barrows

Aneta is outside, yet all at once she's not great. She says she needs spider toxin from inside the dungeon.

The player doesn't have to finish the entire dungeon to get the quest thing from the Toxin Lurkers.

Head outside and give the spider toxin to Aneta, who boils it and then drinks it. She seems to think that this will free her of the evil possession.

Gulya currently appears and announces that Aneta is not possessed, and she knows what the real issue is. Apparently, Aneta has a future as a swamp witch in the event that her powers can be harnessed and controlled.

Poisoned Hearts

The following part of the quest begins when the player returns to the Blind Barrows and find Vera outside. She rants about Aneta and how she knows the player helped her. She drops a necklace, Aneta's Keepsake. Get it to start Poisoned Hearts.

Go to Gulya's Hovel to find Aneta.

She's outside, just south of the hovel. There are three braziers set up and the player puts them out to free her.

Speak to Aneta and she'll explain that she was actually undergoing a test. Gastly will walk out of the hovel, and speaking to her reveals more details of Aneta's "training."

Gulyas says that the following ritual for Aneta requires four spoiled livers. They can be tracked down in dead snakes east of the Hovel.

Travel through the swamp and safeguard Aneta as she looks for livers. Aneta picks these up so the player doesn't have to.

The Hidden Glade

Travel through the dungeon to find the altar.

Kill the enemies within the circle that appears around the altar to fill it with blood. Anything that dies outside of the circle won't count.

When the altar is filled, the villagers will appear again and attack Aneta. Shield her from them, then meet her outside.

Speak to her and she'll depart. Get back to Gulya's Hovel.

Aneta isn't there however she left a letter. Read it and complete the quest chain and the related achievement.

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