Diablo 4: March of the Goblins Event


The "March of the Goblins" is an exciting in-game event in Diablo 4 that celebrates the game's first anniversary. Here's a detailed overview of what you can expect during this special event:


Diablo 4 March of the Goblins



    Start: June 6

End: June 13


Event Highlights:

    Increased Treasure Goblin Spawns: During this event, players will notice a significant increase in the appearance of Treasure Goblins throughout the game.

    Enhanced Loot Drops: These Treasure Goblins will drop more valuable loot, including gold and potentially rare items, compared to their usual drops.

    Group Goblin Encounters: In dungeons, players might encounter Treasure Goblins in pairs or larger groups, providing a unique challenge and greater rewards.

    Greed Shrines: These shrines, which temporarily boost the amount of gold dropped by enemies, will appear more frequently during the event. Activating a Greed Shrine will increase gold drops from defeated foes for a limited time.


Player Feedback and Adjustments:

    Initial Issues: Some players reported that Treasure Goblins were not spawning at the expected increased frequency and were not dropping the anticipated level of loot.

    Blizzard's Response: Blizzard acknowledged these issues and announced that they are working on a hotfix to ensure the event meets player expectations.


Strategy Tips for Maximizing Benefits


    Dungeon Runs: Focus on running dungeons where group encounters with Treasure Goblins are more likely. This will maximize your loot and gold earnings.

    Greed Shrines: Keep an eye out for Greed Shrines and activate them whenever possible to benefit from the increased gold drops.

    Timing: Plan your play sessions to make the most of the event's duration, ensuring you don't miss out on the enhanced rewards.


Additional Information


    Mother's Blessing Event: Running concurrently with the "March of the Goblins," the "Mother's Blessing" event provides an XP and gold boost. Initially set at 35% for both XP and gold, it will adjust to 25% XP and 50% gold boost after the 1.4.2 update.


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