​Diablo 4: How to Get Harlequin Crest (Shako)


Players that need to target ranch for the super-uncommon Harlequin Crest in Diablo 4 can track down details on the suggested approach here.

The Harlequin Crest, frequently alluded to as "Shako," is a super-uncommon One of a kind Rudder in Diablo 4 that numerous players are interested in getting. While the Harlequin Crest's drop rate makes the thing very hard to track down, there are some actions that players can take trying to boost their chances. This guide is here to detail those actions, and it will help players that are attempting to target ranch a Harlequin Crest in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4: How to Get Harlequin Crest

The first thing to know is that Diablo 4's super-interesting Novel Diablo IV Items can drop from Level 85+ enemies, as affirmed by Adam Jackson, the game's Lead Class Designer, on Twitter. As such, players that are wanting to get a Harlequin Crest should kill monsters of the fitting level, and Level 31+ Bad dream Dungeons are the best activities to target. For sure, players can track down Level 85+ monsters in overflow on those World Level 4 maps, making them suitable places for cultivating super-uncommon Uniques.

All things considered, some Horrible Dungeons are superior to others for acquiring the Harlequin Crest because of the idea of monster families. For the unenlightened, the enemies in Diablo 4 are gathered by type, and some groups have an increased possibility dropping specific types of Diablo 4 Items. This idea was affirmed by Associate Game Director Joseph Piepiora in an April 2023 Engineer Update Live Stream, and the local area has been working diligently attempting to affirm the connections between monster families and plunder drops.

On that note, it is right now accepted that Cultists and Cannibals are the families that have an increased possibility dropping Helms, making them bound to grant the Diablo 4's Harlequin Crest. Players are thus advised to target Bad dream Dungeons that highlight those two types of enemies, and these five are suggested:


Cultist Refuge

Earthen Wound

Serpent's Lair

Shadowed Plunge

While focusing on those five Bad dream Dungeons at Level 31+ seems to be the best method for adopting a targeted strategy to cultivating a Harlequin Crest, players that use this technique should still not anticipate getting one any time soon. To be sure, this Steerage is very interesting, with only one affirmed drop as of the composition of this aide. Luckily, Bad dream Dungeons are also extraordinary places to cultivate XP in Diablo 4, and are expected for the evening out of Glyphs, which makes running them beneficial regardless of whether the Shako won't ever drop.

MMOexp has put together a guide to get you started.