​Diablo 4: Closing the Book Quest Guide


Here's where to track down the pages as a whole and complete the Closing the Book (Collect the Ledger Pages) side quest in Diablo 4.

There are a lot of side quests in Diablo 4. Some are basic get or kill occupations, while others are undeniably more critical with regards to worldbuilding and story movement. The Closing the Book quest in the Hawezar district includes a tad of both — it'll take players on a fast excursion to an exceptionally sad calamity site while collecting significant snippets of data.

Large numbers of Diablo 4's side missions are genuinely basic, however ones that include finding objects spread around its grim world can be somewhat hazardous, while perhaps not absolutely disappointing. This guide will show all the ledger page areas for this specific side quest to save players some time and exertion.

Diablo 4: Closing the Book Quest Guide

To begin with, players need to clear the Eriman's Fire Fortification in the Horrid Lower regions; it's close to the line among Hawezar and the Broke Pinnacles — travel northeast of Wejinhani and ride around the finish of the guide until Eriman's Fire becomes noticeable. Players will realize they're close when they enter a seared timberland.

Inside the Fortress, players should uncover devils by letting the spirits of expired townspeople go. Talk with the Soul of the Fire in the focal point of the town to stir up some dust and trigger the other targets.

Here, players need to collect the remaining parts of the killed locals to exorcize the evil spirit in the fire. The cadaver areas are shown by the light emissions power in the air, and they are monitored by multitudes of Fallen and a couple of elites.

In the wake of getting every one of the cadavers, stifle Eriman's Fire to set off the battle against Duz'Agur, Eriman's Plague. This manager is a phantom kind foe with assaults that can rapidly bite through a player's wellbeing. Remain behind it to stay away from its surge of shots and shave away at its wellbeing until it bites the dust.

The Closing the Book sidequest will have players return to the now-cleared Eriman's Fire to track down the lost pages. There ought to in any case be beasts nearby, and players should ride back to the town except if they have an open entrance. The page areas are set apart on the guide above — go to each recognize, snatch the ledger pages, and rush back to Senior Akos to finish the side quest.

Finishing the quest rewards players with XP, gold, Eminence, and a Rescue Reserve containing an irregular combination of update materials.

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