Dark and Darker Mobile Test Coming Soon


The mobile version of "Dark and Darker," developed by Bluehole Studio and published by Krafton, is set to undergo its first beta test for a wider audience in August. This follows the previous beta test, which was restricted to South Korea. The upcoming test will include players from the United States, Japan, and Turkey, marking its first foray into these new markets.


Key Details about the Beta Test:


    Beta Test Period: Early August 2024

    Regions Included: United States, Japan, Turkey

    Access: Closed beta, requiring participants to sign up and be selected


Game Overview:


"Dark and Darker" is a dungeon extraction game that blends elements of PvE and PvP. Players choose a class, equip themselves, and venture into dungeons to collect loot while battling monsters and other players, aiming to escape with their treasures.


Differences on Mobile:


    Interface Adjustments: The game will have a mobile-friendly interface and some features might be slimmed down to fit the platform.

    Gameplay: While the core gameplay remains similar to the PC version, the mobile experience will be tailored for touch controls and mobile play.


How to Participate:


Details on how to sign up for the beta test are expected to be announced soon. Interested players should keep an eye on official announcements from Krafton for the sign-up process.

Additional Information:


A gameplay trailer has been released, providing a cinematic glimpse of "Dark and Darker Mobile." However, this trailer focuses more on cinematic elements rather than detailed gameplay or interface perspectives.


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