Dark and Darker: Howling Crypts Barracks Location


To complete the "Missing Map" quest in Dark and Darker, you'll need to find and explore the Barracks in the Howling Crypts. Here's a detailed guide on how to locate the Barracks:


    Access the Ruins of Forgotten Castle:

        Begin by joining a match in the Ruins of Forgotten Castle. This will give you access to the Howling Crypts dungeon.


    Locate the Barracks Rooms:

        Once you've confirmed you are in a suitable map, locate the specific rooms within the dungeon:

            Howling Crypts 1: Barracks are in the bottom-left quadrant.

            Howling Crypts 2: Barracks are in the bottom-left quadrant.

            Howling Crypts 3: Barracks are in the bottom-right quadrant.

            Howling Crypts 4: Barracks are in the top-right quadrant.

    Explore the Barracks:

        To complete the quest, enter the rooms indicated on the maps above. You need to take a few steps inside these rooms. While entering one room may be sufficient, visiting both rooms is recommended to ensure quest completion.


    Extract from the Dungeon:

        After exploring the Barracks, find an extraction point to leave the dungeon. There is always a stair escape in the more angular room of the Barracks, making it easier to extract safely.


By following these steps, you should be able to locate and explore the Barracks in the Howling Crypts and complete the "Missing Map" quest.



    Bring Friends: Navigating the dungeons can be challenging, and having a team can make it easier.

    Check Maps: Use the provided map links to help guide you through the Howling Crypts.


With these instructions, you should have a smoother experience completing the "Missing Map" quest in Dark and Darker.

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