Dark and Darker: How To Craft The Gold Coin Bag


In Dark and Darker, players dream of filling their coffers with gold, but this desire often leads to a common problem: storage limitations. This is especially problematic for free-to-play (F2P) players who cannot afford extra storage space. Filling your stash with gold coins is far from ideal when every slot in your stash can hold only 10 coins. Even a modest collection of 100 gold coins can occupy almost an entire row of your stash. To address this issue, you can craft the Gold Coin Bag in Dark and Darker.


What Is The Gold Coin Bag?


The Gold Coin Bag, as the name implies, is a bag designed to hold gold coins in Dark and Darker. Once you have it in your inventory, your gold storage woes will be a thing of the past. Taking up only a 2x2 slot in your inventory, the Gold Coin Bag can hold up to 1,000 gold coins. You can craft multiple Gold Coin Bags, providing you with ample storage for your gold coins and freeing up space for other gear and items. However, acquiring this bag requires a bit of effort.


How To Craft a Gold Coin Bag


Unfortunately, the Gold Coin Bag isn't something you can loot from dungeons or pick up after slaying bosses. It can only be crafted by the Leathersmith, and you'll need to obtain the recipe first. The materials required to craft the Gold Coin Bag include one Troll Pelt and four Wolf Pelts.


Acquiring the Materials


    Troll Pelt: The Troll Pelt is a rare item with a 15 percent drop chance from Cave Trolls. Cave Trolls can be found in the Goblin Cave dungeon.


    Wolf Pelt: The Wolf Pelt is a common item with about a 7 percent drop chance from Dire Wolves and Frost Wolves. This item is easier to obtain since wolves are relatively easy to kill, and they are plentiful.


Step-by-Step Crafting Guide


    Obtain the Recipe: The first step is to acquire the recipe for the Gold Coin Bag. This recipe can sometimes be found as loot in higher-level dungeons or purchased from vendors.


    Gather Materials:

        Hunt Cave Trolls: Head to the Goblin Cave dungeon and hunt Cave Trolls for the Troll Pelt. With a 15 percent drop rate, it might take a few attempts.

        Hunt Wolves: For the Wolf Pelts, hunt Dire Wolves and Frost Wolves. Given their 7 percent drop rate, you'll need to kill several wolves to gather the required four pelts.


    Visit the Leathersmith: Once you have the recipe and the required materials, visit the Leathersmith in your base town.


    Craft the Bag: Use the Leathersmith to craft the Gold Coin Bag. This will free up significant space in your inventory, allowing you to store up to 1,000 gold coins in a single 2x2 slot.


Tips for Efficient Crafting


    Prioritize Troll Hunts: Focus on hunting Cave Trolls when you're specifically looking for Troll Pelts. Knowing the spawn locations and behaviors of Cave Trolls can save you time.

    Wolf Farming: Wolves are abundant, so consider farming them while on other quests. This way, you're always passively collecting Wolf Pelts.

    Dungeon Strategy: Incorporate these hunts into your regular dungeon runs. This makes the process of gathering materials less tedious and more integrated into your overall gameplay.


Benefits of the Gold Coin Bag


    Maximized Storage: The Gold Coin Bag significantly increases your gold storage capacity, allowing you to carry more gold without occupying too much inventory space.

    Inventory Management: With more gold stored in fewer slots, you'll have more room for valuable Dark and Darker Items, making your dungeon runs more efficient.

    Economic Advantage: With the ability to store more Dark And Darker Gold, you can engage in higher-stakes trading and purchasing, giving you an economic edge in the game.




Crafting the Gold Coin Bag in Dark and Darker is a game-changer for managing your resources and maximizing your inventory space. While gathering the necessary materials requires some effort, the benefits far outweigh the challenges. By following this guide, you'll be well on your way to becoming a wealthy and efficient adventurer in the world of Dark and Darker. Happy hunting, and may your coffers always be full!