​Dark and Darker: Best Bard Build Guide


This best Bard build won't just offer powerful help for your group yet additionally make Bard a decent performance class in Dark and Darker.

The new Bard class in Dark and Darker is as a matter of some importance a help class, with admittance to various instruments that buff you and your partners while debuffing your foes. These center components of the Bard must be truly thought about while coming up with a build. Our guide will give you the best Bard build in Dark and Darker, including the best perks, skills, stats, protection, weapons, and music.

Best Bard Build in Dark and Darker

Here is a short rundown of everything you'll require for this help build of the Bard class:

Best Bard Perks

Best Bard Skills

Best Bard Stats

Best Bard Gear and Weapons

Best Bard Music

Best Bard Perks

Bard ought to be a viable help character, making his group more grounded, yet you shouldn't neglect to adjust his own disadvantages. That is the reason these four perks were chosen to make Bard both an incredible ally and a respectable performance character:

Magnetic Execution: Redesigns a decent exhibition to an ideal presentation.

Unrivaled Aptitude: half quicker switching time between things.

Wanderer's Karma: Increases Karma by +100 to find great things.

War Tune: Increases Weapon Harm of partners by +3.

Best Bard Skills

Bard unequivocally depends on his instruments and his capacity to play songs off of the music sheets to work on the interactivity of the two his partners and himself. That is the reason I'd unequivocally prescribe picking skills that license you to store however many music sheets as could be expected under the circumstances, for example,

Music Memory: Store up to 4 sheets of music.

Music Memory 2: Store up to 4 printed music.

Best Bard Stats

No mystery Bard is a weak class, and that is the reason I'd put all my detail points into Bard's HP and Deftness. In any case, the in general detail circulation for your build ought to seem to be this:

Strength: 15

Readiness: 20

Will: 10

Information: 18

Genius: 12

Wellbeing: 100

Weight Cutoff: 0

Spell Memory: 18

Utility Viability: 0

Best Bard Gear and Weapons

Bard's gear ought not be excessively weighty, and yet, it ought to shield you from weighty harm, despite the fact that your development speed might experience a little. I recommend this:

Head: Padded Cap

Chest: Lofty Gambeson

Legs: Calfskin Chausses

Hands: Bolted Gloves

Feet: Weighty Boots

Weapons, then again, can be very weighty and bargain a ton of harm both at scuffle and reach, including:

Falchion is a great near mid-range one-handed blade that bargains 30 Cut harm. You can likewise further develop it with the Kuma's Tooth connection, which awards +15 Dark sorcery harm, which is truly valuable against managers. Falchion commonly drops from Skeleton Watchmen, Evil presence Bats, or Apparition King tip top foes.

The crossbow will have exactly the intended effect for this build's two-handed ran weapon, dealing 39 harm. There's no opening of progress like for the situation with Falchion, yet you'll utilize it more seldom than Falchion, so it's totally useful with no guarantees. This weapon can be tracked down inside ordinary oak chests or dropped by Imitates and Apparition King elites.

Best Bard Music

Finally, now is the right time to conclude what kind of music you need to play for your party as a Bard. You can pick either four kinds of instruments and add 10 distinct music sheets. So this is the very thing I prescribe to fit the given Bard build:


Accelerando: Increases the speed of development of your own and your partners.

Rousing Rhythms: Increases all ascribes of your partners.


Scream of Shortcoming: Lessens actual power and protection rating of neighboring foes.

Unchained Concordance: Opens generally locked non-extraordinary entryways and containers.


Tumultuous Friction: Powers beasts to go after the nearest target.

Regret of Drowsiness: Diminishes speed of development of neighboring foes.

Tune of Quiet: Keeps casters from casting sorcery.


Anthem of Mental fortitude: Awards +10% reward to actual power.

Symphonious Safeguard: Awards +40 reward to reinforcement rating and enchantment stand up to.

Quietness: Reestablishes 2 HP each second.

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