Combat in New World could use more complexity


Combat in New World could use more complexity, especially for certain weapons. I've invested around 500 hours in the game, and despite that being a relatively short duration for an MMO, I'm experiencing significant burnout and a dwindling interest in continuing to play, aside from pursuing the few remaining music sheets I lack.

A substantial part of my burnout stems from the combat system. I've experimented with nearly every weapon, and while there's a wide array of choices and potential builds, the gameplay often feels as shallow as a puddle. There's a lack of meaningful interaction between abilities, little to no RNG factor, and limited room for strategic decision-making. Essentially, combat often devolves into a routine of pressing all available buttons, swapping weapons, and repeating the process, followed by mindlessly spamming the left mouse button with the weapon that deals the most damage.

To illustrate, let's take my current build, consisting of the Fire Staff (FS) and the Bow (BB). In combat, I start by launching a grenade from the BB, firing two shots, executing a Shrapnel Blast, dodging backward while using the mortar, throwing another grenade, and then switching to the FS. With the Fire Staff, I cast Fireball, activate the Flamethrower until I accumulate five stacks of Singed, unleash Flame Pillar, and then resort to simply maintaining the Flamethrower until my abilities come off cooldown, which usually takes between 6 to 10 seconds. I repeat this entire sequence, and it's surprisingly effective – so much so that I often draw aggro away from tanks in most of the dungeons I've participated in, even on the highest difficulty levels.

Despite the efficiency of this approach, it becomes dreadfully monotonous, and it appears that many weapons require even fewer button inputs to maximize their effectiveness, which is one of the reasons I initially selected this setup.

For tanking, I rely on the Great Axe (GS) and Bow (BB). I charge into packs of enemies, opening with shots from the BB, releasing a grenade when they're grouped, deploying the shockwave ability, and then transitioning to the GS. From there, I activate one of three tanking abilities to enter a tank stance and proceed to spam heavy attacks until the stance expires. I repeat this cycle, effectively repeating the same actions indefinitely.

When it comes to healing, I utilize the Flail and the Life Staff (LS), switching to the flail when necessary. In roughly 90% of situations, I initiate by buffing with the Life Staff's orb, placing a beacon, and then switching to the flail. From that point on, I proceed to press every available ability on cooldown and repeatedly spam light attacks. I renew the orb and beacon as required but otherwise remain in the Flail stance, where I continue to trigger abilities as soon as they become available while persistently using light attacks.

At this juncture, I find myself on the verge of quitting once more. I had not previously delved into mutations, but after experiencing numerous encounters, I was left feeling underwhelmed. Even games with what I consider subpar combat and encounter design are starting to appear more appealing.

I acknowledge that my desires may not align with the development direction of the game, but it would be refreshing if at least one weapon offered a more thoughtful, dynamic experience with an element of randomness, rather than resorting to a formula of "spam buttons and left mouse click" in every battle. In its current state, the game has become rather dull.

Friend, can you give me some advice on weapons or how to get the best weapons with the least amount of New World gold?