I accede they charge added than what they have

I accede they charge added than what they have RS Gold, but I'm not 100% awash on the

abstraction of akin 25. I do accede that akin 5 isn't abundant though, that's in

fact alone 5 annual of gameplay to get that bulk of XP.

  I aswell think, should the abilities be increased, that F2P should accept

admission to the crossbows that they would be able to fletch at those levels. It

seems in fact asinine that F2P should be clumsy to do Bolts accident if they can

do in actuality every added accident blazon in the bold (Except Ancients, which

don't in fact calculation to actuate with).

  Finally, I apperceive this has been talked about a lot in the past, but I

feel F2P should accept admission to skillcapes alone if the NPC is in the F2P

area. In the Mining/Smithing Rework, Jagex has talked about authoritative T70

minable and smithable. If they're accomplishing that, it goes afterwards adage

that they can accouter it too (provided they accept the levels).

  With a aciculate bead in the bulk of Rune on the horizon, and T70 in the

distance, F2P is traveling to accept an issue. Currently, the best "genuine"

capes that aren't bound copy are Team Capes. If they're abacus T70 equipment,

it's alone fair they get aggressive skillcapes as well.

  You can accumulate NPC's breadth they are, and just accord F2P admission to

skillcapes that appear from those NPC's. If a affiliate has a 99 in a

accomplishment that doesn't accept a F2P NPC (Magic for example), afresh they

can accouter the cape in F2P, but not buy it.

  Just my thoughts, ample I would allotment them actuality than on RSOF

because Reddit seems added accepting of F2Pers.

  I don't apperceive why humans are adage no, training up to akin 5 is not

abundant imo to accord humans a aftertaste for a skill. Giving F2p a little bit

added doesn't lose you annihilation besides the actuality that it may be asked

to be aloft in the approaching again. But adopting it accomplished 25 would be

too high, 25 isn't giving them too abundant but it's a taste.